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    INTI-UC Open Marathon

    Event Manager
    Event Manager

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    INTI-UC Open Marathon

    Post  petershanyou on Sat Mar 06, 2010 12:58 am

    yo!!! it's charity again.

    As mentioned, INTI-UC Open Marathon is a charity marathon which is organised by AUP Club and STACT Club of INTI-UC.

    Date: 06 June 2010
    Venue: (to be announce)
    Time: 5am to 1pm

    There are 3 categories of participation.
    20km for anyone 18 years old and above
    a)10km for male 18 years old and below
    b)10km for female 18 years old and below
    3.Fun Run:
    10km for anyone who interested.

    We are now recruiting Committee and helper for this event.
    Below is the post available.

    Committee members of INTI-UC Open Marathon
    OC: Gooi Liang Zhen

    VOC: Liew Shan You (Peter)

    a)Lim Yoke Theng (Angeline)

    a)Lim Yee Sing
    b)Loh Wai Mun

    Program Master:
    a)Lee Yen Yin
    b)Ng Chu Jin

    Publicity Director:
    a)Choo Lee Lee

    Quarter Master:

    Food Coordinator:

    Hall Master:

    Sponsorship Lead:


    Public Relation:

    Security/ Internal Publicity:

    Human Resources leader:

    => Interview required

    any inquiries can contact:
    a)Gooi Liang Zhen 013-5996934/017-5065113
    b)Liew Shan You (Peter)014-9650335

    INTI-UC Open Marathon

    [size=24]We will open our counter for recruiting Committee and helper for this event at 8 to 12 March 2010 at SAO...

    hope can meet you there!!!!!!!
    Vice Chairperson
    Vice Chairperson

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    Re: INTI-UC Open Marathon

    Post  lala on Fri Mar 12, 2010 1:22 pm

    there is an event need your help to be in organizing committees board
    are you interested?

    this marathon event is open to public in nilai area
    we will send invitation to merchants nearby
    and will open several booth for example in front of giant
    in inti campus, in nilai college, and etc

    our event date is 6th JUNE 2010
    this semester have to prepare for everything due to time constrained

    around 144 secondary schools' students are invited by mailing the registration form

    posts available:

    1.program master
    ->in charge the program flow and the final word of the event

    2.publicity director
    -> to publicize the event by designing brochures, posters...etc
    -> set up booth in different places
    -> design t-shirt (half-way done by other posts)
    -> approach media as a mean to publicize
    -> design registration form

    3. quarter master
    -> deal with hardware and sponsorship stuff
    (moving and storing)
    -> get the things what event needs

    4. food coordinator
    -> stalls and booth by sponsorship will be set up around our event venue(carpark), the coordinator have to deal with people such as sending invitation

    5. hall master
    -> in-charge of the background on the stage
    -> design VIPs seats
    -> design check point counter and registration counter
    -> draw a clear line to sponsorship's booth

    6. sponsorship lead and public relation
    -> go approach the sponsors such as nestle company...etgc
    -> deal with media stuff (approach local reporter...)

    7. contestant
    -> deal with all contestant stuff

    8. security
    -> in-charge of safety and make sure the event run smoothly without interference

    9. ......

    feel free to ask question and reply if you have doubt
    if you want to do something in the event and it didn't mention in this message, kindly tell us and we will arrange for you.

    all the profit will 100% go to SLE center
    committees and helper needed badly!!

    please do not hesitate and join our team now!!

    organizing chairperson: 013-5996934 gooi
    vice organizing chairperson: 016-9650335 peter
    secretary: 016-9263232 angeline

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