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    April Fools' Night

    Event Manager
    Event Manager

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    April Fools' Night

    Post  KENNY on Thu Mar 11, 2010 12:44 am

    Hello everyone,

    All of us are bored of performance by all kinds of students. Every time also students students students. Well, April Fools' Night will give you a different feel. INTI STAFFS will be performing to YOU!! Yes, you get me right, INTI STAFFS will be performing to YOU.

    For those who are new to INTI, first semester or second semester, I am sure you have not seen top management like Dr. Sia or Dr. Lee performing. Guess what, you get the chance to see them performing during April Fools' Night. There are still many top shots performing that night, but I wouldn't tell you now. Find out yourself in April Fools' Night.

    I assure you that this event will be a blast for you. Everything will be upside down. Students will be the VIP and INTI staffs will be entertaining you. Where will you get the chance to be treated like VIP?

    Come on and support your favorite lecturers or staffs. This is NOT A JOKE. IT IS REAL!! And most importantly!! We are doing this for charity. Profits will be donated to Chan Wah Secondary School. Yeah...

    Event Details

    Date : 1st of April
    Time : 7PM - 10PM (yet to be confirmed)
    Venue : INTI-UC Multipurpose Hall
    Ticket Price : RM 3 (MPH Ground Level Close to Stage)
    RM 1 (MPH 1st Level Standing Style)
    (Above two prices are for Non-STACT Members)

    RM 1 (STACT members - anywhere you like)

    *That's the benefit for being STACT member. No joke.

    For all STACT's event committees, RM 1 for you guys. (Thanks KENNY!! YOU ARE THE BEST!! - I know i know...) Every event (past or present) OC can bring along your beloved committees to have fun.

    * Yet another benefit for joining STACT events. Sigh..
    Why so many benefits? I can't take it anymore!!

    Hope to see you guys there!!

    For more information, please contact KENNY (OC).


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