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    A msg About STACTships to Everyone

    STACT Torros
    STACT Torros

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    Age : 27

    A msg About STACTships to Everyone

    Post  STACT Torros on Tue Oct 13, 2009 3:03 pm

    To: Event Committees & General Committees & Member

    Everyone of u MUST come STACTships.
    It is an event to teach everyone how to run events in INTI.
    (Especially to Event committee & G.M.)

    This is also the chance to let u know more about STACT club.
    As we ar a family now~
    i wish to c u all and meet u there~

    B4 a long long semester break,
    i wish to hv the last gathering in this Semester with everyone of u.
    I hope everyone of u can helps each other, gains more experiences
    and learn more through organizing an event....

    We need more Event Committees,
    Anyone interested in organizing event or gt any new event idea,
    can contact STACT Club General Committees, included me~
    or u can leave a msg here~

    Thank you~


    Chi Heng,
    Chairperson of STACT Club.

    Torros Yong Chi Heng~ 小玩子~
    hp no.: 0126889895
    Public Relation
    Public Relation

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    Age : 29

    Re: A msg About STACTships to Everyone

    Post  karyen on Tue Oct 13, 2009 6:20 pm

    yea yea..i joining too...count me in..OC OC gambateh...stactship gambateh^^
    Public Relation
    Public Relation

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    Join date : 2009-09-09
    Age : 28

    Re: A msg About STACTships to Everyone

    Post  *~potato~* on Tue Oct 13, 2009 6:37 pm

    i saw d msg...
    thx so much 4 findin gc for me...

    this is a good chance to learn how to run events n learn to be in a team..
    be together..
    this is wht v want as a team..
    n i hope stactships will help all of us achieve this target..

    bring members n friends there..
    not necessary stact members.. any1 wit d passion of joinin events r invited..


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    Re: A msg About STACTships to Everyone

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