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    Do not forward >> Chris Yeoh need help

    STACT Torros
    STACT Torros

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    Do not forward >> Chris Yeoh need help

    Post  STACT Torros on Sun Jan 10, 2010 1:01 am

    Hey guys, pls do not forward the email >> "INTI College Chris Yeoh need help".

    STACT club has decided to help the guy, Chris Yeoh, whom we believed he has testicle cancer, so we contacted him. He clarified that everything spread through e-mail is FAKE.

    so.... pls DO NOT FORWARD THE MSG again~

    Below is the msg from Chris Yeoh:

    Hi Chi Heng,
    The truth is that a coward had make a spam regard about myself in fake information and spread the mail beyond expected. I do not know the motive for him/her to create that spam.
    So far, INTIMA president at INTI International College Penang promise to help me to contain the spread. At the same time, I had sent another email to inform other people about my situation. I do hope that they can help me to contain the spread. Anyway, thanks for giving me the good news that my effort had began to taking effect.

    FYI: I do not have any disease or cancer

    From: Chris Yeoh Khong Wooi (

    Torros Yong Chi Heng~ 小玩子~
    hp no.: 0126889895

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